Try a Charity Car Race to Raise some Money

Do you fancy raising money for charity? Charity car races are a great way to make some money for a worthy cause, you could take part in an event that is already established or organise your own. Take the Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge, for instance, this raises plenty of money for children’s’ charities around Sonoma, California.

This event sees owners of luxury cars offering to take participants on a race around the famous racetrack, although it will cost anyone who wants to take a turn. The cars featured, however, are rare racing cars with values into the millions so many people are willing to pay for a three lap race. Rides cost between $75 and $500, so this is a great way to raise money for charity.

If you fancy having a go at organising an event yourself, poker runs are a great way to raise money for a good cause. These involve participants driving around a pre-planned route and stopping off at various check-points in order to collect cards. The winners at the end of the race are the team who has the best poker hand. It helps, therefore, if you know a thing or two about the game before you make a start at organising a run. You can charge participants to register for the race and you could also have mini-games available at the check-points that you charge participants separately for, to help raise even more money.

The Mongol Rally is another charity car race that is already established. This race involves run-down cars with tiny engines (1 litre or less) travelling ten thousand miles across the mountains and deserts of Europe and Asia, and you have to complete it all on your own. You are not allowed to use any gadgets and there is no support, the organisers really want you to have an adventure. All they ask, for your participation is that you raise £1000 for charity, with at least £500 going to their official charity, Cool Earth.