Good equipment for car deadlers

A car dealership is an excellent business opportunity for someone who is prepared to put in some hard work in the first year or so. People are looking for bargains, but they demand cars that are reliable and that look good. Our top ten pieces of kit for car dealers are:

1. Compressor

Buy a professional-quality compressor that is sturdily constructed. Air compressors supply air to all the air-powered tools you need.

2. Air wrench

An air wrench will make quick work of removing wheel nuts and save you a great deal of time and man-power.

3. Tyre inflator and pressure gauge

A tyre inflator is a must-have for every car dealer. It can be used on all types of vehicles and ensures that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.

4. Lift

You can choose either a two-post lift or a four-post one, depending on the size of the vehicles on which you will be working. Lifts are big-ticket items, but suppliers may offer finance plans. Other options include buying pre-used. If you go down this route, it is advisable to buy from a supplier who will offer you a warranty.

5. Trolley jack

A trolley jack is a versatile piece of equipment. Buy a trolley jack that will lift at least 3 tonnes, and look out for features such as an adjustable saddle head.

6. Vehicle mover

If you are working on your own, it can be a struggle to move cars around without starting them up. A vehicle mover makes it easy to move any vehicle single-handed, even when working in a confined space. The ergonomically designed vehicle movers come in a range of sizes to move vehicles from 2000kg to 5000kg, and enable any vehicle to be moved safely and efficiently.

7. Pressure washer

A pressure washer will quickly remove surface dirt from car bodies and wheels, and will also make light work of cleaning up the forecourt.

8.Electric or air polisher

It makes sense to buy a good-quality polisher or buffer to get the cars gleaming. Air or pneumatic polishers are lighter than the electric versions so are less tiring to use. Look for one that uses Velcro-backed pads as these are a great time-saver.

9. Wet and Dry Vacuum

Buy a wet and dry vacuum with a motor of at least 5hp, as this is a tool you will be using a great deal. Listen to it in operation before buying as some industrial vacuums are very noisy, and check the cost of replacement filters.

10. Extractor

Extractors are used to clean carpets and upholstery. They work by forcing hot water and detergent into the fabric and then sucking dirt and water out. More expensive systems also incorporate steam cleaners.