Drive for Success

Advances in technology and design in recent years have greatly benefited the car manufacturing industry. As it currently stands, the car industry is more advanced than it has ever been, allowing drivers to get home safely and quickly, so that they can start their home-gaming experience with other players across the world. Read below our list of recent developments to modern cars.

  1. An app has been developed to make long car journeys more bearable for young children. Kids notoriously hate long journeys, and not knowing when they’re going to arrive, so this app counts down the remaining distance and journey length for them.
  2. Certain car companies have pioneered the development of ‘night vision with pedestrian protection’. This system is designed to detect pedestrians in the car’s vicinity when the driver might not be able to do this with their eyes alone, due to external darkness. This advancement is sure to help save lives in the future, and should hopefully become standard practice soon.
  3. Planning and forward thinking are the vital ingredients which have pushed the car industry forward in such a short space of time. Car-FI is another development with many useful applications, not least of which is that it can be used to keep your passengers entertained, either by watching movies or playing games like online poker.
  4. Electric cars are becoming more sophisticated than ever. For example, recent models have been able to travel up to two hundred miles on a single charge. This is big news, especially given that the boom of the electric car has been so hotly anticipated for the past few years. Electric cars have been heralded as the main way of cutting down on carbon emissions, and halting the process of global warming. As such, it’s great to see that electric car models are becoming more and more functional.