Big Car Shows with Sport Cars in Europe

People who have a love for sports cars will be able to satisfy their need for speed by visiting a big car show. Here is an overview of some of Europe’s most exciting car shows that feature sports cars.

Paris Motor Show

This exciting event takes place in Paris and attracts sports car lovers from all around the world. Some of the mean machines that you can admire during the Paris Motor Show include the Porsche 911 and the classic Ferrari.

International Motor Show Germany

This vibrant car show has been held in the city of Berlin since 1897. The event was originally named the Berlin Motor Show and is the largest motor show in the whole world with around a million automobile enthusiasts visiting each year. In addition to the chance to admire a large collection of sports cars from all around the world, the International Motor Show Germany also features a number of exciting events such as races and awards ceremonies for the best preserved and restored vehicles.

Barcelona International Motor Show

This grand event has been hosted in the city of Barcelona every two years since 1919 and is Spain’s most important motor show. In addition to presenting a large number of different types of cars including sports cars, the Barcelona International Motor Show also acts as a showcase for new brands of cars that are being launched in the European market.

British International Motor Show

This popular motor show is held in Earl’s Court in London and is a large event that attracts a big collection of car enthusiasts. A number of impressive sports cars have been launched at the British International Motor Show over the years such as the now iconic Lotus Espirit, which was launched at the motor show back in 1974.

Athens International Motor Show

This auto show has been held every two years in the Greek capital of Athens since 1995 and includes a large collection of sports cars from all around the world. More than a quarter of a million people visit the Athens International Motor Show each and every year and this is one of the largest auto events in the whole of Europe.