3 Top Racing Driving Techniques

Every type of car racing will have its own thoughts and best practices in terms of racing driving techniques. Even with a sport, each driver will have their own preferences which is what allows for true competition to take place. However, there are some golden rules across all genres of racing:

Steering Control

Every rookie driver is told to keep both hands on the wheel for as much as possible, and to have them close together at the top of the wheel. Not only does this give you the best tactile feedback from the front wheels but it also allows you to make the smoothest turns and avoid losing speed in the corners.



How you change gears to get more speed can make the difference in the result of a race. Putting in the clutch too early will lose speed, whilst shifting into a too low gear will cause your engine to overheat. Changing gears smoothly on the straights will help to keep your speed up as will listening carefully to the noises of the engine.


Finally, corners are where most races are won and lost. The main is to have the highest possible speed coming out of the corner, which means that you need to plan your racing line through it. This doesn’t mean you need to break sharply into every corner, but you need to know what shape the track on the other side is so you know where you can start to accelerate fully.